Any word count is good word count. There are just going to be some days when it's shit flowing through your head instead of brilliance. I often find it to be cyclical for me — there are some lady cycle times when I'm better at writing than others. » 11/05/13 7:15pm 11/05/13 7:15pm

For reference, a standard novel is usually between 80-100k words. If you wanted to get it published, 75k is probably a minimum for most genres except for children's and MG, or any genres that put out a fair amount of novellas, like romance. » 11/01/13 6:22pm 11/01/13 6:22pm

Having watched a friend go through the same thing (except the funeral was not open casket), the few pictures she has with her dead son are exceptionally important for her. She only got to be with him a tragically short time — not years and years to document. Just part of one day, arguably the worst day of her life. … » 10/30/13 4:57pm 10/30/13 4:57pm

The ultimate in white privilege — because he knows, and the people listening to him know, that when they say "slavery," they'd never vote their own asses to be slaves. Wonder what the criteria would be? It's a funny hypothetical to them! So funny! Many laugh. » 10/29/13 12:59pm 10/29/13 12:59pm

Maybe I'm just too much of a bleeding heart, but it makes me sick that any woman would suffer for this, even the ones who voted in the assholes who made the law. I pray that these conservative ladies wake the fuck up and start protesting from the inside out. And then just become Dems! » 10/25/13 3:59pm 10/25/13 3:59pm